Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday inspiration

While everything is inspiring about Blake Lively, I'm in love with the maxi skirts and dresses.  Possibly because April weather is giving me whiplash with occasional warm weather and cloudy, overcast chill.  For those of you live in windy weather, the longer skirt is a lifesaver.  I've had too many Marilyn Monroe moments in the last two weeks...and it was not sexy.

printed pants

I have yet to find a pair of printed pants in stores.  I know H&M had some great ones, but their availability of sizes are scarce and bizarre.  I have decided that if the fashion gods ever smile on me, I would wear printed pants more simple on top...pattern mixing those gems will take some courage and strategy on my part.  Baby steps.

lace skirt

I have lace skirts and lace tops that have not been properly utilized in my outfit coordination.  So if you have pictures of a lace crop top, meant to fit loose style suggestions, I'm all ears.

(All images pulled from pinterest boards)


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