Friday, March 16, 2012

french connections




A kind person recently suggested that I work for a fashion magazine in Paris....Paris, if you're hiring, contact me ASAP.  But since I can't be in the most romantic city in the world, I'll embrace their simple know-how when it comes to style.  Rules for the subtle Parisian look according to one of my favorite stores (Madewell)...or at least the ones I acknowledge...

1. Slouchy boyish top (they suggest paring it with silk pants; I chose boyfriend jeans)
2. Neutrals
3. Stripes...always stripes.

I'm a big fan of dressing in the boy or boyfriend styles, which kinda contradicts the classic/romantic looks I adore.  So helpful hints I follow are pretty simple:  show the collarbones and wear heels.

I'm wearing:  shirt/jeans (old navy); bag (target); heels (kohls); necklace (xxi)


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