Monday, January 16, 2012

freeze frame




For some reason, I'm one of those people who wants to be out in precipitating weather.  This only poses a problem in winter when I'm typically required to wear pants.  Since jeans are the worst insulating fabric next to silk or tree leaves, leggings are the solution....let's face it, when are leggings not the solution?

I'm also currently obsessed with legwarmers, especially as they appear over leggings and under boots...get ready for a lot of that. 

Also working with a new photographer, which is in incredible and intimidating.  If you see a lot of pictures and wonder why I'm laughing so much, it's nervous laughing... ps--this produces weird laughing faces rather than effortless-candid-sexy-photos. 

I'm wearing:  shirt dress (thrifted jcrew); scarf (h&m); leggings (xxi); boots (target)


  1. I love this. Also I really love your makeup and your hair color. Can you tell a bit about what makeup and hair color you use?