Monday, September 12, 2011

fit to be tied






Today is my first day of work, and my vocab for anxiety doesn't even cover it.  But I have packed my bag, lunch, and all necessary paperwork--some school routines transfer into adulthood.  Relief.  I can still carry the skull-n-crossbones lunchbox, right?

I just bought this shirt, and I'm already wearing it too much.  I actually wore it to my interview for this job; I'm pretty the shirt alone landed me the gig-- forget my clinical skillz.

I'll be posting back to back (plz hold your applause).  Tuesday is Everybody Everywear featuring the colored pant challenge.  I'm pretty pumped; the Rainbow Bright pants may be coming out.  You think I'm kidding?  Come back tomorrow and see.

I'm wearing:  skinnys (old navy); shirt (gap); shoes (kohls); clutch (thrift)

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  1. I really adore this look. I'm a big fan of neutrals so it draws me, but I love the roughness of Jean with a sheer top like that as well.